Morning Edition: May 14, 2015

The mangled mess in Philadelphia
The mangled mess in Philadelphia
It’s Still the Republicans’ Fault II

Even though the engineer hit a curve at 106 mph, or more than twice the speed limit, Democrats are calling for increased funding for infrastructure. We think maybe there should be more funding for engineer training and the expected lawsuits from the crash that left seven eight people dead and dozens injured. For more details, see

Bigfoots Arrive in Philly II

For some reason, NBC News had its fill-in anchor, Lester Holt, doing the show from a helicopter. We know that Philly may seem like a hostile place to New Yorkers, but seriously? Also, we wonder if hair gel is included in David Muir’s contract. He sure had a lot in the mop in Philly. He needs a head slap. For more details, see


A Baltimore Sun columnist argues that perhaps the gangs, the Bloods and Crips, could be enticed to help keep violence at bay as the city has seen a huge increase in crime after the riots. It’s difficult to tell whether he’s joking. If he’s not joking, we think the author may need a trip to the funny farm.


An estimated 40 percent of the bee population in the United States has died. One theory states that the bees may be suffering from poor diets and stress. “Elementary,” one our favorites TV shows, centered a plot on bee deaths only last week. How’s that for ripped from the headlines? We think the bees should cut out cigarettes and booze, too. For more details, see


Political polls have become click-bait–even erroneous click-bait. It’s difficult to find a recent poll that got it right. See our column at

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Afternoon Edition: May 13, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.37.08 PM
First responders move through the Amtrak wreck in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia.
It’s the Republicans’ Fault

Within hours after the derailment of an Amtrak train in Philadelphia, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and others started rambling about the problems with infrastructure. This just in! The train reportedly was going 100 mph around a curve, which had a speed limit of 50 mph. No huge federal funding for building new rails could have stopped the crash. For more details, see

Bigfoots Arrive in Philly

The television network rabble arrived in Philadelphia to “cover” the crash. We wonder if a similar accident in say, Wyoming, would get this much coverage. It’s likely that the nastiness of Philly will be trumped up again, such as throwing snowballs at Santa. Alas, the Santa, who felt the upcoming, died earlier this year. We hope the networks leave soon! For more details, see

Bombs Away

Although liberals complain about the state of relations between the community and the police throughout the country, it’s time to look back 30 years ago when the problem was even more serious. On May 13, 1985, the City of Philadelphia dropped a bomb on the MOVE compound. That’s right, a bomb. Eleven people died, including five children, and the block in West Philadelphia is still a mess. For more details, see


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