Afternoon Edition: May 21, 2015

A parody outside of ABC's "Good Morning America" set in New York City.
A parody outside ABC’s “Good Morning America” set in New York City.


In a March 3 interview with WNYC’s Alec Baldwin,  ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos talked about suspended NBC anchor Brian Williams.

At one point, Mr. Baldwin referred to reports that the NBC anchor was “in this perch where there was no one to say ‘no’ to him.”

To that, Mr. Stephanopoulos responded, “Isn’t that the danger in all life, though?” He added: “In my job, I sometimes chafe at some of the restrictions or…the various checks and balances but, you know, it’s there for a reason,” Stephanopoulos said.

We guess he does chafe or simply ignores the checks and balances.

H/T to Washington Post’s Erik Wemple


We think CNN and Fox News have made a serious mistake by depending on polls to determine which GOP presidential candidates get to participate in the first two debates. Fox will limit the debaters to 10 while CNN will hold two debates—one with the top 10 in the first one and the second 10 in a second.

As we wrote last week in our column in The Washington Times: “As U.S. voters face 18 months of constant bombardment from pollsters, it’s time to revisit the serious problem with political prognostication. Polls have become click-bait — and erroneous click-bait at that.”

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Many journalists go into the business because they enjoy writing, but they have some problems with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing—let alone make sense of a 10K report.

For those journalists who don’t know, a 10K is an annual report required by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The document is not the slick, glossy report that most companies hand out.

Trevor Butterworth, the editor of, wants to make reporters less number phobic. Here is what he plans to do

We got our first job at The Associated Press because we took accounting in college and moved on to Newsweek to cover economics. We wish Mr. Butterworth well!

H/T to Columbia Journalism Review

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