Media Mashup: May 26, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 6.32.50 AMCHARLIE BLOWHARD, IS THAT YOU?

Charlie Blowhard, aka Charles Blow, may surpass the inanity of former Timesman Fox Butterfield. In a column on Memorial Day, only Mr. Blow could find some way that the commemoration had racist underpinnings.

“In a way, Memorial Day may be a time for us to consider the evolution of this day: a day established by a disadvantaged population to honor war heroes who now belong to a military whose members are increasingly being drawn from a disadvantaged population,” he wrote.

Parsing Wikipedia entries, we found that Mr. Blow apparently found many “facts” from the online source.


If you look at the Middle East under the Obama administration, the landscape looks dismal.

–Mr. Obama’s 2009 speech in Egypt in which he invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood ultimately divided the country, ending in the military junta that exists today.
–Mr. Obama’s 2011 introduction of a no-fly zone in Libya led to the total dissolution of any semblance of a government there and ultimately to the death of the U.S. ambassador at the hands of radical Islamists.
–Mr. Obama’s failure to obtain a status-of-forces agreement in Iraq led to the growth of the self-proclaimed Islamic State and chaos in Iraq.
–Mr. Obama’s decision to provide limited training and weaponry to anti-government forces in Syria led to the expansion of the Islamic State in Syria.

The list goes on. Having failed to stop IS, the United States may be faced with containing radical Islamists rather than defeating them. IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has called upon his followers to take Baghdad. For more details, see


Journalist Bob Woodward agreed with us that Mr. Obama—more than President George Bush—should be blamed for the Iraqi debacle.

Mr. Woodward told Fox News that the Bush administration didn’t lie about weapons of mass destruction. “A mistake certainly can be argued, and there is an abundance of evidence. But there was no lie in this that I could find,” he said.Mr. Woodward argued that Mr. Obama should have kept some forces in Iraq. “Obama does not like war. But, if you look back on this the argument from the military was to keep 10,000-15,000 thousand troops there as an insurance policy. And we all know insurance policies make sense. We have 30,000 troops or more in South Korea 65 years after the war. When you’re a super power you have to buy these insurance policies and he didn’t in this case. I don’t think you can say everything is because of that decision but clearly a factor.” For more details, see

The Telegraph’s take on Mr. Obama’s miscalculations about IS is at


In an interview, Art Garfunkel talks about his odd relationship with Paul Simon 35 years after the breakup of the duo. For more details, see

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