Media Mashup: June 1, 2105

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.19.05 AMYOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK?

The Wall Street Journal provides an important look at how the Obama administration has abandoned Iraqis who helped the United States. A former journalist describes in chilling detail how his friend was left behind after Americans pulled out. We think this story provides some understanding why the self-proclaimed Islamic State has more pull among Sunni Muslims than democracy. For more details, see


After two decades of declining crime rates, the United States has seen a significant spike in murders and other violent acts. This crime wave apparently can be tied to the civilian and media attacks on the cops, and the administration’s tacit approval of these tactics. We have chronicled the idiocy of the media when they have reported about events in Florida, Missouri and Maryland. Now it’s time to think about safety rather than politics. For more details, see


The IRS apparently can keep a lid on conservative groups in the United States, but it looks the other way with it comes to Nazis. The United States paid more than $20 million in Social Security benefits to individuals tied to Nazi crimes. A federal investigation found that more than 130 U.S. residents linked to Nazi atrocities received benefits, with some of the payments made as recently as this year. We think we will pass when the story becomes a major motion picture. For more details, see


After ABC gave George Stephanopoulos a pass on ethical violations, it appears NBC might be trying to give suspended anchor Brian Williams another go. CNN reports that NBC is trying to keep Mr. Williams in the network fold. Seriously? We think network television has no semblance of credibility anymore. But maybe the networks never did. Food for thought! For details, see

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