Media Mashup: June 10, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 6.01.42 AMHEADLESS BODY IN A TOPLESS BAR

The author of arguably the most famous headline in the history of journalism, Vincent Musetto, has died. He was 74.

On April 13, 1983, a man, drinking in a tavern in Queens, argued with the owner and shot him to death. The assailant then took several women hostage, raping one and forcing another, in an apparent bid to confound the police, to cut off Mr. Cummings’ head.

Mr. Musetto told people the famed headline was not his favorite. That honor went to one the next year: “GRANNY EXECUTED IN HER PINK PAJAMAS.” The story centered on a woman who was executed in North Carolina.

We miss our daily fix of The New York Post here in Philly. For more details, see


The New York Times continues to shoot blanks in its “investigation” of Sen. Marco Rubio and his wife.

In the latest installment, the “newspaper of record” sends its intrepid reporters on the trail of the repayment of student loans, a loss on a real estate investment and the purchase of a boat. Sen. Rubio also mistakenly used a GOP credit card, which he repaid.

We think voters will see that Sen. Rubio as a regular guy and the gray old lady’s staff as a bunch of effete snobs. See details at


This just in: Leftist analyst Ali Velshi of Al-Jazeera opines that TV journalism has some serious problems as a result of ethical shenanigans.

“I’m hoping this latest crisis of confidence has the effect that a mild heart attack often has on a man in middle age: it forces him to take stock and re-evaluate the way he’s been living and take steps to make himself healthy again. Like eating better and exercising more. For TV journalists, the first step is to remember that verifying the facts is the single most important part of what we do. Don’t say it, report it or write it unless you’ve confirmed it. Question everything and everyone; especially your sources. That sounds obvious, but the failure to do it can jeopardize your reputation and sully the news organization that employs you. Just ask Lara Logan and CBS about Benghazi,” he wrote on

We think the patient may already be dead or at least on life support rather than the victim of a mild heart attack. See

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