Media Mashup: June 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton's pantsuit collection
Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit collection

After launching an online store, Hillary Clinton has joined Instagram, leading with an inside look at her pantsuit collection.

The red, white and blue collection can be seen at

We think pantsuits provide a potential opportunity, particularly when you see questions on Twitter, such as which pocket contains the bribes?


Pundits got mad at Mrs. Clinton when he stated the obvious: She doesn’t play to focus on states she knows she will lose.

Her campaign announced recently that she would follow a campaign of mobilizing supporters rather than convincing independents, particularly in the Great Lakes region and parts of the West and South.

Academic Brendan Nyhan opines in The New York Times: “Mrs. Clinton’s statement is what’s called a Kinsley gaffe—taking its name from Michael Kinsley, a journalist who said a gaffe is something true that a politician isn’t supposed to say. By conceding the obvious, she revealed the disjunction between the politics we say we want and the kind we actually have.

“In reality, her approach is far less different from those of recent candidates than it might appear. No presidential candidate — including Mrs. Clinton’s husband, whose strategy was compared to hers — competes in every state. The reason is the Electoral College, a winner-take-all system that rewards candidates who focus almost exclusively on closely contested states.”

We think Mrs. Clinton should continue lying to us.


Media heavies met with top officials of the Clinton campaign in an alleged attempt to improve access to the candidate.

The meeting occurred after a session in which nearly 20 reporters covering the campaign, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Politico complained about the problem to Clinton staffers.

As The Huffington Post reported, journalists expressed concerns over issues including insufficient advanced notice about public events and the difficulty of covering Mrs. Clinton during campaign stops and fundraisers. Reporters also complained about the use of anonymous sources, which means no names can be used in published articles.

We wondered when the Clinton campaign would get back on track by denying any significant access to the candidate except for her pantsuit collection.

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