Media Mashup: June 17, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.34.08 AMCLINTON’S BATTLE OF THE BANDS

The Wall Street Journal, Legal Insurrection and the Marco Rubio campaign had fun poking holes in Hillary Clinton’s playlist on Spotify.

The Journal’s James Taranto chided Mrs. Clinton for using a 50-year-old song, “Yesterday,” to chastise her Republican opponents.

“Even given all this historical context, Mrs. Clinton’s reference to ‘Yesterday’ as the Republicans’ song was a bit perplexing. At least four of the declared and prospective GOP candidates were born after “Yesterday” was recorded: Scott Walker (1967), Ted Cruz (1970), Marco Rubio (1971) and Bobby Jindal (also 1971),” Mr. Taranto wrote.

James Caruso of Legal Insurrection outlined the Rubio camp’s analysis of the Clinton songs.

None of the 14 songs on the 67-year-old candidate’s playlist was released before 1999.

“The playlist in the end is not going to make much of a difference as to whether or not Hillary gets the nomination or wins the Presidency. Still, it’s one of those small things that helps to define a candidate, and this one just reeks of phoniness,” Mr. Caruso noted. For more details, see


Clinton apologist and Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne attended Mrs. Clinton’s campaign speech in New York City over the weekend. Mr. Dionne, who was born and raised in Boston, waxed poetic about Mrs. Clinton’s roots in the “Midwestern heartland.”

We spent a lot of time in the Midwestern heartland. Only a liberal from Boston like Mr. Dionne would count the Chicago suburbs as part of that heartland.


The television format of Eyewitness News, a combination of live reporters out in the field and a lot of blue backgrounds and graphics in the studio, turns 50. Al Primo, who created the format, is also responsible for training Geraldo Rivera, is participating in a look back at the TV format.

We think it might have been good when it started, but it certain has gone bad in recent years. We wouldn’t claim credit for Mr. Rivera.

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