Media Mashup: June 26, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 6.58.58 AMPOLLS IN TROUBLE

The growth of the use of cell phones and the decline in people willing to answer surveys have made high-quality research more expensive and opened the door to less-reliable polls. It also has become more difficult to identify likely voters.

We hope polls die! For more details, see


Author Michael Oren and Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times’  editorial page had a conversation concerning the accuracy of an article by Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Oren: “When I write for the Times, fact checkers examine every word I write,” I began. “Did anybody check that Abbas has his facts exactly backward?”

“That’s your opinion,” Rosenthal replied.

“I’m an historian, Andy, and there are opinions and there are facts. That the Arabs rejected partition and the Jews accepted it is an irrefutable fact.”

“In your view.”

“Tell me, on June 6, 1944, did Allied forces land or did they not land on Normandy Beach?”

Rosenthal…replied, “Some might say so.”

H/T DaTechGuy


The star of our favorite 1960s show, “The Avengers,” died at the age of 93.

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