Media Mashup: July 27, 2015

Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan

China at War: Genghis Khan and His Brother Don

It’s amazing how you can change your focus and suddenly all types of information comes flooding in.

My recent trip to China has meant that stories about the Middle Kingdom catch my eye more often.

I found it interesting that The National Interest considers three of the five most deadly wars in history occurred in China. Only World Wars I and II make the list after the Chinese Civil War, the Genghis Khan invasion and the Tai Pin Rebellion in the mid-1880s. For details, see

A New Dr. Seuss Book

Methinks a new Dr. Seuss book about buying a pet is more interesting than Atticus attending a KKK meeting. For details about the Seuss book, see

California Dreamin’

I am heading in San Franciso next week for a conference. The city has installed devices where pee bounces back at you if you urinate at important sites. I don’t think that’s a huge selling point, but I may be wrong. See

Delta: The Airline from Hell

I recounted my run-in from hell with a Delta supervisor, who threatened to have me arrested at JFK. Well, Delta did not exactly apologize. An official blamed China Southern for being late and told me I would have to contact American Airlines, which issued the original ticket. I received a $50 gift certificate instead of my claim for nearly $400. Guess where my frequent flying won’t take me again. You got it, Delta!

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