Media Mashup: July 28, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.16.28 AMThe Iran Trap?

The National Interest often provides some interesting insights into international affairs, but its latest analysis of the Iran nuclear deal comes up a clunker.

Robert Merry, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, may have spent too much time in the national’s capital. He sees the Iran deal as a huge trap for the GOP, where many presidential candidates find fault with the deal.

If it takes a politician or a political party to go down fighting against something that’s wrong, I am more than happy to see that on this flawed deal. More important, I believe more people agree that it is badly flawed because of the delay in inspections and the inclusion of conventional weapons. To read the Merry article, go to

China stocks take a huge hit

The Shanghai market tanked again, leaving many analysts wondering what is going on. Keep in mind that these same analysts had been pushing China stocks. Now they are either a hold or a sell.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many analysts are trying to calm the market down, saying few Chinese have skin in the game. That certain is not what I discovered during my recent visit. Even though stock ownership is far from the percentage in the United States, the Chinese government has been encouraging people to invest.

Vox Populi: The Media Downturn

Ezra Klein, the founder of, offers his predictions about the media. “[I]t will be normal for news organizations of even modest scale to be publishing to some combination of their own websites, a separate mobile app, Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, Snapchat, RSS, Facebook Video, Twitter Video, YouTube, Flipboard, and at least one or two major players yet to be named. The biggest publishers will be publishing to all of these simultaneously,” he wrote recently. For the rest of the story, see

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