Media Mashup: August 4, 2015

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What Would hitchBOT Do?

A hitchhiking robot made the national news. Seriously? Well, I guess after all the uproar over a lion, a robot seems a likely addition to what Americans think is outrageous. Also, the story allowed the U.S. media to pile on Philadelphia once again. I don’t know if robot pummelling will surpass the disdain toward the Santa Claus pelting at an Eagles game several decades ago. One numbskull columnist posited a theory that the robot bashing underscored some existential truths about life. See details at

What Would Cecil Do?

Frida Ghitis, a world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald, puts the killing of Cecil the Lion in the proper perspective:

“[T]here is nothing morally flawed in being outraged about the death of a gorgeous lion. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back over that. Sign a petition even.

“But there is something deeply wrong in not caring, not doing more to stop the attacks that continue to kill thousands in Syria; or about the millions of suffering refugees created by war and terror— the highest numbers since World War II — or about the 9 million people (3 million of them children!) who die of hunger-related causes every year.

“Of everything that happened in the world in the past few days, what do you think deserves the most urgent attention?”

What Would the Ferguson Cop Do?

Darren Wilson, the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown, still doesn’t have a job. He is in hiding. But he seems content tending to his two small children while his wife works. The New Yorker provides an interesting, albeit lengthy, look at what has happened in the year since Ferguson erupted. See

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