Media Mashup: August 7, 2015


A  lamp post, corroded by dog and human urine, fell on a car in San Francisco.
A lamp post, corroded by dog and human urine, fell on a car in San Francisco.

San Francisco: Liberals and Lamp Posts

After arriving in San Francisco earlier this week, I found a local story that underlines the problem with liberals.

Liberals have run the city for years, so I guess the fact that continuing urination on a lamp post caused it to collapse and fall on a car should not surprise me. Fortunately, no one was injured.

If I were head of the GOP anywhere, I would print a copy of the photo above with a comment: “Liberal Solutions!” For details, see

San Francisco: The Lamp Post Solution

San Francisco, the liberal bastion that it is, came up with what it thought was a solution for collapsing lamp posts and public urination. The city developed a paint, which was applied to various public structures.

If someone peed on the structure, the urine sprayed back at the perp.

That’s a liberal’s solution: pay a lot of money and not solve a problem. See

San Francisco: Aggression and the Homeless

It’s been a long time since I have seen such aggressive homeless people.

I declined to give one person money and he was screaming in my face, calling me a “fat motherf***er.” Others I have met followed me for blocks, trying to extort money from me.

San Francisco is a pretty good place to be homeless, with a relatively constant temperature and a fairly decent safety net.

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