Media Mashup: August 24, 2015

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Hillary Watch

Rasmussen provides some of the better polls on a variety of topics, primarily because it uses solid longitudinal surveys that track specific issues on a frequent basis.

The pollster has created a “Hillary Meter” and a “Trump Change” to follow the ups and downs of the two leading candidates. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find much media coverage of Rasmussen.

Since I subscribe for a small fee to, I can provide you with the latest details on Clinton:

–The belief that Clinton will be the likely Democratic presidential nominee has dropped noticeably over the past month.

–The latest Hillary Meter shows that 63% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that Clinton is likely to be the next Democratic presidential candidate, but just 26% say it is Very Likely. That compares to 78% and 43% a month ago.

Donald Watch

Rasmussen has started a Friday poll about Donald Trump. The latest national telephone survey finds that 57% of Likely Republican Voters now think Trump is likely to be the Republican presidential nominee next year, with 25% who say it’s Very Likely. That compares to 27% who felt a Trump nomination was likely two months ago. At that time, Trump ran near the bottom among the 12 declared GOP candidates. Now he leads the pack of Republican hopefuls, which has grown to include 17 prominent contenders.

New York Times Watch

Public Editor Margaret Sullivan criticizes the coverage of Amazon, which describes the company as mean and uncaring to its employees. As I wrote last week, “The subhead for the Times’ story about Amazon could apply to the news organization: ‘The company is conducting an experiment in how far it can push white-collar workers to get them to achieve its ever-expanding ambitions.'” For details, see


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