Media Mashup: September 10, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.44.08 PMCollege: Rating the Schools

Every year, a third-rate news magazine puts out a report that may dictate the future of students and universities.

This week, U.S. News published its annual “swimsuit” issue rating colleges–a magazine that has become the bible of how to buy an education.

The report has myriad problems in its methodology and should be tossed in the trash bin. Here is at least an article on how to read the report:

College: Changing the Test

When my daughter was applying for college, I took the SAT when she did. I found the exam tested speed and stamina rather than knowledge–even though I aced it.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test is set to be revamped soon following reports that scores across the country have fallen to troubling lows. But do poor SAT scores really mean poor students?

A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that just 26% of American Adults believe the results of a standardized national test like the SAT college entrance test are an accurate reflection of a student’s knowledge and intelligence. Fifty-eight percent (58%) disagree. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

College: Teaching 9/11

As the country prepares for another anniversary of 9/11, the events of that day have become a mish mosh in the minds of some professors. At some universities, students are being taught that the events of that day were the fault of Americans. That is scary!

For details, see

Christopher Harper is a longtime journalist, who reported in Europe and the Middle East. He teaches media law and international journalism. Send suggestions and tips to


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