Media Mashup: September 11, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 7.31.36 PMWho’s Winning Today After 9/11?

Public concern that terrorists are winning stands near a record high.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters believe the terrorists are winning, down just one point from the all-time high.

 Only 25% think that the United States and its allies are winning the war, while just as many (25%) don’t think either side is ahead.

The belief that the terrorists are winning has outweighed the thinking that the United States and its allies are winning since July of last year. Three years after the 9/11 attacks,  50% of Americans thought the United States and its allies were winning while only 25% believed the enemy was ahead. Over 40% of voters regularly said the United States was winning the War on Terror throughout 2008 and 2009. That number peaked at 55% in May 2011 just after Osama bin Laden’s death was announced. But confidence started to drop steadily after that and fell to a low of 19% in February of this year.

For the first time in over four years, over half of all voters believe the United States is a more dangerous place to live than it was before the 9/11 attacks.

Just 23% believe the treaty the administration has negotiated with Iran will make the Middle East safer. Forty percent (40%) say the agreement will put the region more at risk while 27% think it will have no impact on the safety and security of the Middle East.

Uncertainty for 9/11 Survivors

Two federal programs that promised billions of dollars in compensation and medical care to sick 9/11 responders and survivors are set to expire next year, creating uncertainty among the recipients. For details, see

Changing the 9/11 Message

Leftists like to change the message, creating revisionist history that excludes what actually happened. That’s why the Founding Fathers, for example, were cut out of history books in K-12 schools. The same has started to happen with 9/11, with leftists blaming the United States for what happened. It is important that sane people fight this rewriting of history. For details, see

Christopher Harper is a longtime journalist, who reported in Europe and the Middle East. He teaches media law and international journalism. Send suggestions and tips to





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