Media Mashup: September 16, 2015

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Clinton: Nostalgia? has the goods on ThrowBackClinton: “Since launching her campaign last June, Clinton has flooded the Internet and filled her TV spots with surprising, little-known images of the candidate pulled from old family photo albums, all part of a larger campaign strategy to make Clinton more relatable to voters. The nostalgic pictures are designed to present her as an average person — rather than a global brand — and to neutralize the negative image Clinton can sometimes project as the untrustworthy political insider campaigning in a rich lady’s uniform of bold-colored pantsuits and a helmet of blonde hair.” See the details at

Clinton: Today’s Problems

As you probably have noticed, I think Rasmussen provides great data on a variety of subjects and doesn’t get national play. For example, Rasmussen if not part of the polls that decide who’s in the GOP debate tonight–even though many pols and analysts subscribe to the data.

Nevertheless, a report this week found that fifty-nine percent (59%) of Likely U.S. Voters think it’s likely Clinton broke the law by sending and receiving e-mails containing classified information through a private e-mail server while serving as Secretary of State. A national telephone survey finds that just 34% believe Clinton is unlikely to have done anything illegal. This includes 42% who say it is Very Likely Clinton broke the law and only 15% who think it’s Not At All Likely. Even among her fellow Democrats, 37% think it’s likely Clinton broke the law while using the private e-mail server at the State Department, with 16% who say it’s Very Likely.

Only 28% of all voters believe Clinton has done a good or excellent job handling questions about her use of the private e-mail server as Secretary of State. Fifty-one percent (51%) rate her handling of these questions as poor.

Obama Rejected Ouster of Assad in 2012?

The Guardian offers an exclusive that the Obama administration rejected an overture from Russia to get Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign in 2012. Incredible, but probably true. See the details at

The Fall of an Inside Stock Trader

The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating story on the fall of one of the big-time stock traders at

Christopher Harper is a longtime journalist, who reported in Europe and the Middle East. He teaches media law and international journalism. Send suggestions and tips to



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