Media Mashup: September 18, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 10.38.53
C.J. Chivers (left) decided to leave war zones and return to the United States.

War Reporting

Esquire has a wonderful article about C.J. Chivers, a longtime war reporter for The New York Times, and his decision to come home. For details, see

Longform Reporting

Although many people, including me, maintain that reduced attention span is hurting quality journalism, Columbia Journalism Review finds a market exists for longer stories. It’s just another niche. For details, see

Arabs Reporting About Refugees

Some Arab analysts have pointed a damning finger where it belongs: on the Middle East nations, including the oil-rich countries that have refused to take in any refugees. Some commenters did turn their anger on the West, especially on President Obama, whose Mideast policies they see as destructive. For details, see



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