Media Mashup: September 29, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.34.11 AMClinton and the Press

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd talked about his interview with Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton–and the belief that some major political interviews come with limitations. “I know that people think that. And I understand like people are distrustful of us in the media and think that we’re all in cahoots with these people in power.”

Maybe the limitations were self-imposed?

Russia Takes Over Middle East

Vladimir Putin has become the dominant player in the Middle East, with his coalition of Iran and anti-Islamic State elements in Syria and Lebanon. For more details, see

Game of Thrones vs. Leave It To Beaver ponders what television says about the country.

“If an intelligent being from another planet wanted to gauge the moral condition of America based on the recent Emmy Awards, what conclusions would that alien draw?

Aside from the dazzling fashion display on the red carpet – what odd, non-functional clothes these humans wear! – and a few inspirational moments provided in some of the acceptance speeches, the curious alien might well conclude that America is in a serious moral crisis.” For more, see



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