Media Mashup: October 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.59.06 PMDavid Muir: One Year On

USA Today publishes a puff piece on ABC anchor David Muir. At the end of the love note to Muir, who recently finished his first year in the anchor chair, you can find this:

ABC News’ quickened style also feeds into the traditionalists’ fears that the network evening newscasts — the profession’s standard-bearer — are, as a group, taking a video and social media-centric turn that softens the definition of news.

Andrew Tyndall, an analyst who watches evening news programs and sells content data to TV networks, says World News Tonight is now airing a “non-traditional newscast” under Muir. (Tyndall’s customers include NBC News and CBS News, but not ABC News.)

“It has a different sense of what news is,” he says. “They’re not using TV to cover general stories. They’re looking for what has most TV appeal and downplaying the stories that don’t. If you want to get major stories of the day, you don’t go to ABC.”

I worked with Peter Jennings. David Muir ain’t no Peter Jennings.

Anderson Cooper on Presidential Candidates

In an interview set to air Monday on SiriusXM’s The Bill Carter Interview, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper reflects on his role as moderator of last week’s Democratic presidential debate, saying he thanked the candidates, but didn’t chat. “I don’t want to talk with these people…I don’t want to be friends with these people. It’s not my job.”

Since Cooper’s stories include many shots of him, maybe there isn’t enough run for the candidates.

Pennsylvania Justice System: As Corrupt As It Gets

The Pennsylvania attorney general is under indictment. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has three vacancies because of judicial corruption, the most in the history of the court.

From There are many disturbing aspects to the new email allegations involving Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin.

  • There is the fitness of the justice to remain on the bench, in light of reports of racist and sexist emails.
  • There is the culture of insensitivity and unprofessionalism among judges, lawyers, and elected officials demonstrated by the hundreds of inappropriate emails that the public has now seen.
  • There is the chummy relationship between judges and prosecutors that undermines judicial impartiality.
  • There is the question of what emails embattled Attorney General Kathleen Kane held back.
  • And there is the future of the attorney general, given the suspension of her law license by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.




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