Media Mashup: October 20, 2105

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.41.41 AM

Amazon Fire

CNN: “Two months after a damning New York Times story about Amazon’s corporate culture, the retailer has published a blistering response, accusing the paper of misrepresenting the company.

The Times responded with a tough, unwavering defense of its story and its reporter.”

Don’t Know Much About History “The vocabulary list at High Mount School in Illinois is causing a bit of a controversy.

“Their list included words like ‘jihad, Islam, Muhammad and ‘Koran,’ according to the reporting of the Bellville News-Democrat.

“One mom told the newspaper she flipped out, shocked that her 12-year-old daughter’s public school history class was teaching Islam 101.”

Don’t Know Much About Geography

MSNBC anchor Kate Snow has expressed regret for the network’s use of a map intended to show how Palestinians have lost land to Israel since 1946.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 12.30.53 PMThe map, which showed an ever-shrinking Palestinian territory in green (right), has been criticized–even dismissed as anti-Israel propaganda–and Snow said on air Monday afternoon “we realized after we went off the air the maps were not factually accurate and we regret using them.”


Christopher Harper is a longtime journalist, who reported in Europe and the Middle East. He teaches media law and international journalism. Send suggestions and tips to





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