Cantonese Dreamin’

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 3.40.22 PM

I have resurrected Media Mashup while I am in Guangzhou, China, which was formerly known as Canton. That is where–wait for it–Cantonese cooking comes from. It’s a little town of about 15 million people in South China about a two-hour train ride from Hong Kong.

I will be teaching undergraduate journalism students at Jinan University, where I lectured last summer.

I plowed my way through eight months of Mandarin and a class on Chinese culture in an attempt to have some understanding of what goes on in this country. After many years thinking about the Middle East and Europe, I decided both of them were too messed up to worry much about.

I spent a few days in Beijing on a way here–my second time in the capital. I will share some thoughts on that later.

During my stay here, I also plan to visit Cambodia, where a former student is now a bigwig in the government. Vietnam is another stop, although I am more interested in that country’s history than the U.S. war. Next weekend I am headed to the area around Guilin, which is where you see a lot of beautiful shots of terraced gardens and cloud-shrouded mountains.

I hope you have some fun with discovering China along with me.


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